Ship & Yact Agency Maldives

We offer comprehensive ranges of services for ship owners, charterers and yachts who calls in the sea territories of Maldives. We embrace the modern and innovative technologies and operations, which provide us with the necessary hardware to provide our services to the level of best.We operate with pleasant global identity through our corporate values in supplies to meet all the customer demands at the fullest level.Our fully trained team will coordinate the whole process from on-board, and with operational support ashore, to ensure constant communication before and during the vessels transfer operation.Customs clearance is an integral part of our business operations. Our expertise team will seamlessly handle all forms of paperwork required for customs clearance.

There are various agency services we are specialised at

  • Pilot booking
  • Ship berthing
  • Inward and outward clearance
  • Ship to ship transfer
  • Fuel Bunkering
  • Fresh water Supply
  • Sea and air freight cargo clearance
  • Cargo delivery service
  • Ships spare delivery
  • Provisions supply
  • Crew Change to anchourage and along-side
  • Crew sign on & sign off
  • Hotel and resort booking
  • Air ticket booking
  • Airport handling
  • Arranging sea and air transportation
  • Visa extension
  • Medical assistance
  • Technical support
  • Ship Chartering
  • Internet and communication
  • Courier service..



We are also specialised in handling and clearing of ships spares arriving through Airfreight or Sea Fright. We ensure the perfect transfer to the relevant vessels and professionally experienced handling staff.

  • Sea/Air/Land Freight Handling
  • Sea/Air/Land Trans-shipment handling
  • Sea and air frieght cago clearnace
  • Ware housing and distribution
  • Supply
  • Project Cargo
  • Freight forwarding
  • Marine Insurance
  • Custom Brokerage Service
  • Courier service...etc


  • Offshore support
  • Towage and barge operation
  • Ship to ship transfer
  • Project cargo