Maritime Security Services

Yact Agency

We provide legitimate and structured services in Providing local coordination to embark and disembark weapons and firearms for Maritime security team in the Maldives. Services include receiving No-Objection Letter, operative license to the company, mediating between local authorities to secure and transport our weapon to the land of storage, Organizing the handling operations for all our importation documentation works and all the involved custom clearances procedures of air freights and arrangement of embankment, dismemberment of documents, visas and other facilities between vessels.

  • Obtaining letter of no-objection or an operating license to your company
  • Liaison between your company and local enforcement agencies in securing and transportation of our weapons on land to a secure storage facility
  • Arranging the handling of all our importation documentation and custom clearances of air freighting in your operational equipment and weapons for onwards transiting by sea.
  • Arranging disembarkation and embarkation documentation, visas and transport facility‚Äôs (ship to shore service) between your client vessels.
  • Hotel booking for Security personnels