Seline Pvt Ltd is a well-established and prominent company, taking care of all Ship Agency,Logistics & Marine Services. We guarantee a fast and dependable service to all our clints.The staff at Seline take pride in offering a customised, personal service to all the clients. Our goal is to offer the most Excellent Agency Service in Maldives Offers first rate ships Agency services in Maldives ports and cruise destinations in Maldives.

We aim to offer the most Excellent Agency service in Maldives and our vision is to be amongst the top in the Maldives...

Our services include, but are not limited to Ships Clearance. Full Logistic Services.Immigrations, Customs, Health Authorities and Visas. Pilot Planning.Simulation and testing to estimate correct costs for your cruises.

Around the Clock Operations Center in Male' City Maldives. Personalized service and knowledge from our experienced staff.

Quality Assurance.Communication with ships by phone, fax, email. Operations Center in Male' City is in daily contact with the ships,

All arrangements and requests are quality assured and confirmed to ships Calls upon Maldivian Ports, We contact ships on a daily basis.Port reservation.

We provide Bunkering and fresh water. Garbage removal. Ship chandler. Laundry Service.

Transfers and accommodation for crew and pax . Mail service. .Medical and denta consultations for crew and Passengers. Hospitalized crew and pax is followed up until discharge.

Crew tours and sports arrangements.Port information and currency exchange service.. Weather updates.Representation in Maldives throughout the year.